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Randy Rhoads Rarities


A few unique items pertaining to Randy Rhoads

Original Invoice and Artwork for Polka Dot V

Click here to see the original artwork that Randy brought and
invoices for the Polka Dot V that was built for Randy by Karl
Sandoval. The invoice is signed by Randy.
You can read more about how they were obtained here.

Randy Rhoads Funeral Program
Click here to see images of the actual funeral program for Randy's
Funeral Services.

Limited Edition Tribute to Randy Rhoads Book
by Jackson Guitars

Released by Jackson Guitars in 1997, this Limited Edition Tribute
book was packaged with a cd, which included interviews with
Delores Rhoads and Ozzy. Only 5,000 copies were made and the
books were numbered on the back cover. Click here to see an
images of the book.

Ozzy Osborne & Randy Rhoads Tribute Model Hobby Kit
This Model hobby kit was originally released by Fairbanks Models in
1995. It featured Ozzy Holding Randy Rhoads up with his Polka Dot
Flying V. It stands approx 10" tall, and you had to build and paint it
yourself. Click here to see an image of the model kit.

Randy Rhoads 20th Memorial Flyer
This flyer was available to visitors of the 20th Anniversary Memorial
at Mountain View Cemetary. This particular one was sent to me by
the Rhoads Family, since I could not attend. Click here to see the
flyer. Many thanks to the Rhoads family and Musonia Staff for taking
the time to send it.

RockWalk Induction Poster
Poster displaying the details to Randy's RockWalk Induction.

Randy Rhoads Limited Edition Sculpture

To honor the Randy Rhoads legacy, KnuckleBonz released the Randy
Rhoads limited edition resin sculpture in association with The Randy
Rhoads Estate and Fender®. The figure was sculpted and hand
painted, standing 8.5 inches high. This limited edition figure is now
SOLD OUT. Click here to see images.

Quiet Riot Postcard
You can usually see this card on eBay, selling for around $20.

Randy Rhoads Baseball Card

Click here to see the FRONT of the Card.
Click here to see the BACK of the Card.

Quiet Riot Japanese Ads
Click here to see the Japanese ad in 'Music Life" magazine for QUIET
RIOT I, which ran in April 1978.

Click here to see the Japanese ad in "Music Life" magazine for
QUIET RIOT II, which ran in February 1979.

"Randy Rhoads - A LIFE"
by David Bene

The following press release was posted by Roxx Productions
regarding the release of "Randy Rhoads - A Life":

"Once in a while a great project comes along our desks, a project
that we just want to help spread the word about or get out to the
public and to the fans. That project recently came to us here at
Roxx Productions in the form of a book, a biography of a legend. On
December 6, 2006 we mark what would have been the 50th birthday
of a true guitar hero and legend. That legend is Randy Rhoads! Roxx
Productions in association with Empire 4 is bringing you the limited
edition biography of Randy Rhoads entitled Randy Rhoads – A Life.

Throughout the years many people have wondered and looked for a
biography on their Guitar hero and the legend that was and is Randy
Rhoads! That book never transpired for many reasons, some good,
some not so good. Whatever the reason there has not been a
successful publication on the life and times of Randy Rhoads, until

The author of this book, David A Bene, as well as many others has
asked that exact question, “Why has there not been a good
biography on the man we all love?” Well David put pen to paper and
began to collect information from many sources and eventually
pieced it all together to get the book we have before us, ‘Randy
Rhoads – A Life’

While it is not an officially authorized biography, it comes to us with
many contributions from those closest to Randy. Some of these
sources include Kevin Dubrow, Kelly Garni and Bob Daisley just to
name a few.

When you read this book you will get to know the man that became
a legend to millions of faithful fans, and while it paints a picture that
may not be as angelic as most would like to think, it paints a real
picture of a man that would come out of a world that we all have
known at one level or another to become the Legend that we have

This book was self-published and only 300 initial copies have been
pressed as it has been used as a marketing tool to seek a publishing
deal. 150 copies are gone and we have 150 copies left that we are
making available to the public for a limited time."

Click here to see an image of the book. The book was text only, so
it did not include any photos.

Click here to see images of the Press Kit for Kelle Rhoads' band,
which simply called "RHOADS."
Press Kit includes 8x10 Promo Photo plus Bio of the Band.


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immortal rr

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