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Randy Rhoads: Taking Care of the Legend And Legacy

Delores Rhoads Interview

with Charvel/Jackson 15 Years After Randy's Death





"Knoxville Metro Pulse" Cover Story

Randy Rhoads is featured on the Cover of "Knoxville Metro Pulse" Magazine! The article pertains to Randy's last show at Knoxville Civic Coliseum and features interviews with Rudy Sarzo, Peter Margolis, who is directing the Randy Rhoads Documentary, and Steven Blevins, who was at Randy's last show.





Guitar Player Magazine Article

November 1982

A Biography by Family, Friends, and Fellow Musicians

As told to Jas Obrecht.
This was the first cover story on Randy after his death.




Kelly Garni Interview

Garni: Ozzy & Sharon Didn't Care About Randy Rhoads' Happiness

Bassist Kelly Garni, one of the founding members of Quiet Riot,
has slammed Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne over their treatment of
Randy Rhoads prior to the guitar legend's death, alleging that
they "didn't care about [Randy's] happiness" and claiming that
Ozzy "punched" Randy when Rhoads said he wanted to leave
Ozzy's band. Speaking to about his former Quiet
Riot bandmate's final days, Garni said, "Randy wasn’t happy in
the end. He wanted out. There’s a lot of friction between me
and Ozzy because I speak my mind about that. Him and Sharon
paint this lovely picture — 'Randy could have left any time he
wanted. Whatever Randy wanted, we wanted. To see him
happy — that was the most important thing.' Bullsh**,
bullsh**, bullsh**. They wouldn’t let him out of contract. They
threatened him... Ozzy punched him when Randy said he
wanted to leave. Two weeks before Randy died, Ozzy punched
him in the face, over breakfast. They were adamant about not
losing him. They didn't care about his happiness. And who
would want to let him go? The guy was a great guitar player, a
nice kid, very serious…so I can't blame him for that, but the
reality of it was when it came time for him to really try to get
out of that band they played hardball."




Immortal RR

immortal rr

RRR Volume 1 CD


Randy Rhoads DVD